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AG Security Group have been working with ElectraNet for many years. ElectraNet are the South Australian electricity transmission network, one of the state’s essential critical infrastructure energy assets, who are also ambitious leaders in enabling renewable energy and supporting the transition to a low carbon economy.

We are trusted to deliver security services to high-risk electricity sites and substations across South Australia for ElectraNet which incorporate:
- Electronic security including Surveillance Cameras, Access Control, Alarms and Monitoring
- Physical perimeter security including Electric Fencing, Automated Gates, Security Fencing, Bollards, Chain Wire Fencing, 258 High Security Steel Weld Mesh Fencing and civil works.
- Security Officers and Mobile Patrols

ElectraNet rely on AG Security Group for our team’s health and safety management competence to deliver security services safely in very high-risk environments, in addition to our leading technical expertise. Through our internal Research and Development (R&D) capabilities, our technical team has designed and delivered integrated security and surveillance solutions to protect unique substation environments, which incorporate advanced alarm detection technologies and infrared (IR) illumination cameras.

More recently, AG Security Group were selected in 2021 by ElectraNet to deliver their new security service and maintenance program, to ensure the safe and sustainable operation of electronic security infrastructure which protects more than 100 sites throughout South Australia.

AG Security Group were also selected in 2022 by ElectraNet to deliver their new substation security upgrades program. This is a significant investment to more than 100 sites throughout South Australia by ElectraNet, to ensure that electronic security access control and surveillance infrastructure are advanced to the latest technologies to support their required security and safety outcomes.

Due to the nature of electricity transmission and energy regulation in South Australia, in addition to ElectraNet, AG Security Group also works in collaboration with SA Power Networks, who are the state’s electricity distributor and deliver electricity from the high voltage transmission network connection points operated by ElectraNet. Working together, we achieve mutually beneficial outcomes that helps support the delivery of safe and reliable energy to local South Australians.

ElectraNet - Project EnergyConnect gets underway in 2022 - In partnership with the people of South Australia to deliver the largest energy infrastructure project in the history of the state for $2.4B