Research and Development

AG Security Group officially opened its Research & Development branch in 2002, the need for such a resource was essentially driven by our ongoing clients needs. Security necessities and unique scenarios where available technologies simply would not achieve desired outcomes, required a more innovative approach to solving security problems.

Our product innovations include: the T4 Tracker which electronically tracks all our Security Officers and Mobile Patrol forces while performing duties; successful product integration technology which allows for all electronic and perimeter security solutions to be linked and operate collaboratively; Ram-Raid Protection and Anti-Cut Security Bollards which prevent vehicle ram raids and offensive attacks against Bank ATM's; Anti-Terror Retractable Bollard which has successfully stopped a 3.2 ton truck travelling at 60kph; Alarm-Mesh Security Fencing which is exceptionally difficult to penetrate and is monitored, allowing for intruder detection on the location's perimeter.

One of our most recent engineering achievements has been the design, manufacture and installation of the largest set of automated gates within Australia and the southern hemisphere; we are now exporting and leasing this design to international clients.

Some of our clients who we have developed solutions specifically for include Westfield Corporation, Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Australia, SA Water, ETSA Utilities, TransAdelaide and the Department for Correctional Services.

To discover more about our innovative products and services, or how we could develop a customised solution for you, please contact us today.

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