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Security Fencing

AG Security Group designs, manufactures, installs and maintains a variety of innovative perimeter security fencing solutions.

We provide many types of high security fencing including:
- Electric Fencing
- Welded Mesh Fencing
- Palisade Fencing
- Pressed Spear Fencing
- Chain Mesh Fencing
- Razor Wire

Security fences are available in galvanised steel and powder coat painted finishes.

AG Security Group builds security fences that are manufactured in Australia and made from Australian steel. Our fences meet Australian design, quality, safety and environmental standards.

We deliver steel weldmesh fencing including 358 mesh fencing and 258 weld mesh fencing in powder coated painted and galvanised steel finishes. Our chainmesh fencing and chainwire fencing are also robust solutions.

These advanced perimeter security solutions are specifically designed to meet the most rigorous requirements of high security sites.

Our high security fences are reliable, cost effective and high value solutions that reduce risk, deter criminal activity and generate return on investment (ROI).

We also deliver a variety of high security perimeter security solutions such as automated gates, boom gates, turnstiles, tyre spikes, guard rail barriers and more.

AG Security Group is an experienced and award winning security fencing provider, specialising in the design, installation and maintenance of high security fencing for various government entities, utilities, commercial facilities, aviation and transport services, correctional facilities and detention centres throughout Australia. As a result, we have delivered some of the largest security fencing projects nationally.

We are proud to protect all of our valued clients, which include SA Water, Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT), Department for Correctional Services (DCS), BHP, APA Group, ElectraNet, SA Power Networks and Sydney Airport.

Please contact one of our experienced Team Members to help with your perimeter security needs. We can design and deliver a customised solution to support your specific requirements.