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Access Control

Access Control is recommended as a critical security solution that manages and monitors secure access to areas and resources, through physical and information security technologies. Access Control systems authenticate the identity of users, authorise and deny access, additionally providing reporting and auditing capabilities.

The key advantages of investing in a flexible, integrated, reliable and scalable Access Control system, is having the right technologies to protect your employees, customers, patrons and site visitors, ensuring their safety and security across all workplaces and locations.

Security Access Control facilitates openness and efficient movement through working environments, while ensuring maximum protection against unauthorised access and intruders.

Leading Access Control software capabilities enable complete site management solutions to achieve compliance and best practice across all levels to support your security, safety, business and strategic objectives.

Integrated Access Control security can manage user access by verifying workplace safety and human resources (HR) information relating to individuals such as licenses, inductions, permits, credentials, clearances, policy acknowledgements, government regulation compliances and other competencies that are required to access any area.

Further, integrated commercial Access Control systems can manage outputs such as lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, after-hours alerts, to support facility management and safety requirements in any working environment.

Access Control solutions are now used as essential HR and workplace health and safety systems, as they have the capacity to support successful emergency evacuation protocols, where wardens have the capability to know who is onsite and where, ensuring their safe exit.

Innovative and scalable access control solutions reduce risk, create efficiencies, generate a return on investment (ROI), produce meaningful business intelligence (BI) data and outcomes that support security, safety and business requirements.

Security Access Control system users have the flexibility of using secure Bluetooth smartphone apps for keyless entry, swipe cards, key fobs or a combination, to access areas as card holders. Access control permissions can be managed by clients internally or through AG Security Group, their security services provider.

Biometric access control systems are also available. Our technologies use sophisticated biometrics identification scanners to recognise fingerprints, palms, eyes (irises) or faces, eliminating the need for card holders and codes. Biometric data cannot be shared or copied, so clients benefit from heightened security, privacy and safety.

AG Security Group are a leading provider of innovative access control systems and help clients with cost effective access control solutions for building and construction, government, critical infrastructure, utility and commercial environments.

We design, install, integrate, service and maintain access control systems incorporating the latest proven innovative technologies to reduce risk, theft, vandalism, loss and incidents.

Our award-winning team at AG Security Group have the capability to deliver some of the largest world class integrated access control systems. Our systems are specifically designed to suit your needs, capable of expanding and growing with your evolving requirements. They are reliable, low maintenance, cost effective, high value solutions that generate return on investment (ROI).

We always employ the safest access control technologies and hardware, in addition to system software and cyber security to achieve best practice physical and information security outcomes for our clients.

Our technology partners are leading international brands who help us to protect you, your customers and teams.

We are proud to protect all of our valued clients, which include SA Water, Department for Education (DfE), Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT), Department for Correctional Services (DCS), ElectraNet and Treasury Wine Estates.

Please contact one of our experienced Team Members to help with your security and access control needs. We can design and deliver a customised solution to support your specific requirements and strategic objectives.