Security Fencing Solutions

The most effective point to begin implementing a security solution is at the perimeter of your premises. We can help you design a Security Fencing Solution which successfully acts as deterrent and restricts intruder access.

We provide many types of Security Fencing such as Electric, Palisade, Pressed-Spear, Chain Mesh, Razor Wire and more.

AG Security Group also designs and manufactures its own Alarm-Mesh Fencing product which is an anti-climb steel mesh fencing system with security monitoring capabilities. This fencing is highly impenetrable and can detect zones exposed to intruder interference.

Our team has extensive experience with the design and installation of effective security fencing solutions. Consequently we have some of the largest fencing projects as a part of our credentials, such as those completed for the state government Departments for Correctional Services and the Adelaide Desalination Plant.

Contact one of our team members to discuss your perimeter security needs.

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